Ostwuerttemberg (East Wuerttemberg) is Exciting

We’re going let the facts speak for themselves. That’s because Ostwuerttemberg is a region full of surprises and amazing facts. In summary, let’s just say this: The region has more to offer than many think. Dynamism and calmness, culture and nature, tradition and innovation, cosmopolitanism and down-to-earthedness.

Did you know…

... that the birthrate in Ostwuerttemberg is 1.47 times better than the German average (1.41) and is even higher than Italy’s?
... that in Ostwuerttemberg every year 4.0 patents per 1000 employees are registered? And that in all of Germany that number is only 1.1?
... that in Ostwuerttemberg even the sun shines more than the German average (1,800 hours every year)?
... that the buying power in Ostwuerttemberg has an index value of 102 as compared to the German mean of 100?
... that in Ostwuerttemberg 3.03% of the GDP for research and development is spent, while in Germany the number’s only 1.97%?
... that the unemployment rate in February 2015 in Ostwuerttemberg was only 4.3%, while in Germany on average it’s 6.9%?
... that in Ostwuerttemberg the rate of proprietary is 60.2%? While in Germany the number is only 45.1%.
... that the life expectancy in Ostwuerttemberg for women (83.2 years) and men (78.6 years) is significantly above the German average (women 82.7 years and men 77.7 years)?
... that the crime rate per 1,000 residents is fairly exactly only half as high as in the rest of the country (39 to 74)?
... that the fine-particulate load in Ostwuerttemberg is a pleasant 18 µg per cubic meter? Germany on the whole is burdened with 21 µg/m³.

Two Businesses Receive Awards as “Top Employers”

No less than two employers from Ostwuerttemberg received awards for “Top Jobs” from the Center of Employer Attractiveness.

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“Best Paper Award” for Graduate from Aalen

A great success for Katja Schlichting, a graduate from Aalen University of Applied Sciences: At the “SPIE. Photonics West”, she received the “Best Paper Award.”

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